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  • Yo…. Sharing the app unlocks me the thing…. I want the thing…..

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    … These kids will rule the world.


    I need these children

    When the blind lead the blind, get out the way. #profound

    But number 8

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    Don’t worry. They will like you.

    It’s just I wanted to draw some Zuko family..I don’t know, in my head Honora might not know Kataang kids for a while.. Considering they all live in Republic city and Zuko and his family is rather far away in the fire nation, busy with all royalty duties. So this is kind of an important meeting, in which Zuko will finally introduce his daughter to those kids:D And she’s is kind of worried hehe

    but of course they will like her:D


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    A collection of the greatest names in sports

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    can we talk about how the tooth fairy corporation enclosed the torn-apart corpse of an employee in their letter????

    can we talk about how the tooth fairy corporation has an aquatic team that i wish i knew about when i was growing up

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    Mercury, Venus, and Saturn align with the Pyramids of Giza for the first time in 2,737 years on December 3, 2012

    i’ve never reblogged anything so fast


    The last time this happened, an Egyptian Pharaoh was there to see it.




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